Kashtin Releases Single E Uassiuian and Takes Off Like a Tornado

E Uassiuian (My Childhood) was the first release from the self-titled 1989 album Kashtin. This was the beginning of a speedy climb to fame for  Claude McKenzie and Florent Vollant, two Innu singer-songwriters from the Maliotenam reserve in northern Quebec.Claude McKenzie and Florent Vollant

Through the 1980s and 1990s, Kashtin grew to become one of the most commercially successful and famous musical groups in First Nations history. Their folk rock style is appreciated all over the world.

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E Uassiuian (My Childhood) - Video

E Uassiuian (My Childhood) - Lyrics

N'tshish nuaten eshenniuian
N'tshish nuaten eshen'tautshian
N'thish tapue pussen'taman
Nte ueshket ka inniuian
Muk tapue ninen n'tinniun
Tshetshi nan'tam akua tuteman
Ne menuen'ten eshenakushian
E uataman e uassiuian
Eshk tapue ne mamet'nenten
Net ueshket ka metueian
Kametueian shet nuitsheuan
Tshetshi nan'tam tekushenian

Apu tshekuan n'tshish iten'taman
Nte aitapian nte uateman
Nte e uataman nte ka n'tautshian
Apu tshi nan'tam tekushenian

Muk tapue ninen n'tinniun
Tshetshi nan'tam akua tuteman
I menuen'ten eshenakushian
E uataman e uassiuian

E Uassiuian by Kashtin (Tornado)

Now I see how I live
Now I see how I grew up
Now, I am really confused because
Of my life before now.
But really, we live and
We should always be careful what we do.

I am content with my present lifestyle,
But I still think back to playing with my friends...
[when I think about playing with friends,
My mind journeys back to my childhood]

Thinking about nothing,
Just looking back,
Looking at how I was raised,
You cannot go back forever.

But honestly, we should live in a way that
We take care of ourselves [we should take care to live to the fullest now]
Be content with our present lifestyle...
I see... My childhood...

Lyrics and Music by Claude McKenzie / Florent Vollant
Published by Groupe Concept Music
Produced by Guy Trépanier